BlogSheriff Pricing

Pricing reflects the size of your blog.

Your blog is automatically placed into a payment tier based on its subscribers, traffic, and emails sent. Each payment tier is a flat rate and has a 3 limits (subs, traffic, emails). When a limit is exceeded, your blog is automatically upgraded to the next payment tier. Enterprise Blog limits can be increased for an additional monthly rate.

Small Blog


All Tools & Features

2k Total Subscribers

1k Monthly Emails

20k Monthly Traffic

Pro Blog


All Tools & Features

10k Total Subscribers

20k Monthly Emails

50k Monthly Traffic

Enterprise Blog


All Tools & Features

50k Total Subscribers

50k Monthly Emails

250k Monthly Traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

Does each package come with every feature BlogSheriff offers?

Yep! We want to empower every blogger with the best tools we can offer – no matter their size or budget.

Do I have to use all of BlogSheriff's tools?

Not at all, you're welcome to pick & choose whichever tools you need. Feel free to mix and match BlogSheriff with any other tools you'd like.

Will BlogSheriff be getting any new tools or features in the future?

Yezzir! We're working like crazy to bring you newer, cooler, and more useful tools than ever before.

What happens if I don't find BlogSheriff useful?

If – for any reason – you decide you want to cancel, we're standing buy with a full refund in hand ready to throw your way.

What happens if I go over my Subscriber Limit?

We'll send you a notification email to upgrade the package. Don't fear though, we'll keep collecting subscribers for you during the transition period so that you don't miss out on any growth.

What happens if I go over my Email Limit?

By default, you will simply be restricted from sending emails until the limit resets. However, you can also buy additional emails as-needed or set BlogSheriff to automatically extra.

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