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The 5 Best Gmail Plugins to Boost Your Productivity

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Email is a behemoth of a thing these days. The number of emails people get in their inboxes on a given day is staggering.

Gone are the simpler times, when Meg Ryan squealed excitedly as her hefty desktop alerted her, “You’ve got mail.”

Email is hardly a treat now–it’s far more of a chore. A chore that can lose you precious time in your work day if you aren’t careful.

Between communicating with clients, customers, and contacts, and getting your World Market promo emails…sometimes important things get missed. And that’s the worst.

Good news!

You can avoid becoming a slave to your inbox and make your email work for you, not the other way around.

I’ve picked five (out of the million…ish) of the best Gmail plugins that I think are awesome and will save you a lot of time and energy when it comes to dealing with emails.

You don’t have to use them all, but one or two of them could change your life (or at the very least save you some precious time).

The 5 Best Gmail Plugins

Boomerang: For when you just can’t deal with that right now.

Boomerang is a plugin that lets you do three super helpful things:

First, you can compose an email (like a weekly invoice) then schedule it to be sent later. No more stress about remembering to send a certain email and a certain time. Write it when you think about it, then set it to send later.

Second, Boomerang lets you remind yourself to follow up with people if you haven’t gotten a reply from them.

Finally (and this is how Boomerang got its name), when you receive an email you want to deal with later, you can “boomerang” it to bounce out of your inbox and come back to you at a better time. This way, you don’t lose track of important emails in the madness.

Price: Free for a Basic version. Paid plans start at $4.99/mo.

Unroll.Me: For when you’re on too many subscription lists.

Subscribing to websites is great. We all love to get coupons to The Home Depot, and keep up with our favorite bloggers via their email lists. But subscription emails can get a little out of control…quickly.

Unroll.Me is a plugin that organizes all your subscription emails into one email, kind of like a daily newspaper, and you pick when it gets sent to you.

It also makes it super easy to unsubscribe from lists you are done with.

Price: FREE. Sign up here. For when you need to not forget to follow up. lets you set reminders (you can even make them recurring) to ensure you don’t forget to follow up with customers or contacts.

You can view your reminders on a calendar (or sync the whole thing with your existing Google calendar), so you always stay on top of things.

Price: The Starter plan is $18/mo (billed annually), and there are two plans above that. Starter should be plenty to get you going!

YesWare: For when you need to stalk people a little bit.

YesWare lets you track what your email recipients are doing with the messages you send.

It would be creepy if it wasn’t so handy.

Simply click “Track” before you send an email, and YesWare will track all activity concerning that email.

You can view a limited tracking graph in your inbox, or log in to YesWare to see a more extensive view of your tracking data.

YesWare also lets you split test email subject lines (if you’re sending out a big campaign and want to test different headline options) and create templates (if you find you’re sending the same kinds of emails on the regular, you can create a template to make the process faster).

Price: The Pro plan is $12/mo (billed annually), and includes everything you need to get started.

WiseStamp: For when you need to sign off with a bang.

A customized email signature is a great way to brand yourself and make people remember you.
The sky’s the limit with email signatures. You can add a picture, contact info, sassy jokes…literally anything.
Here’s Neil Patel’s email signature, for inspiration:

landing page guide

His is long. Yours doesn’t have to be. But have some fun and let your customized signature show off your personality!

Price: You can make one free signature, but the $4/mo pro plan gets rid of the WiseStamp promo stamp and gives you more freedom with your design.

So there you go…

Now you have five different of the best gmail plugins to help you organize the insanity that can be your Gmail inbox. Best of luck